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    Element is well positioned to help your agency or corporate travel department make the most of the changes in across Business Travel

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​Who is behind Element?

With some of the most experienced people in the industry, Element enables its TMC clients across the globe to gain access to cutting edge travel technology, complemented by the peace of mind that results from our unparalleled level of experience. 

Element is in the UK, with UK-based support. We have over 20 years’ experience in corporate travel, corporate payments, travel technology and TMC operations. Our expertise covers all major online booking tools (OBTs), global distribution systems, agent desktops, ERPs, AI, Chatbots, Mobile itinerary and booking solutions and mid-office automation technologies.

Image of Gavin Smith, Director of Element

Gavin Smith, Director

Gavin has vast experience across various functions within TMCs. Having worked with TMCs of all sizes supporting their goals to deliver technology and payments to their clients, he has a great understanding of the business of TMCs. Gavin heads up Sales and Marketing for Element. 

Contact Gavin to have a chat about Element and how we can help

Image of Neil Dumoulin, Advisor to Element

Neil Dumoulin, Advisor

Owner and founder of DumoulinRouge.com

Neil provides us with NED and business growth consultancy services. Neil has a strong background which includes of Travel Technology. He has expertise in SME business’ providing commercial guidance to deliver growth and expansion. “I’m looking forward to supporting Element in their journey, the travel technology for SME TMCs is key to their growth and Element is well positioned to be the leader in this area.”

Business travellers are savvy these days and are demanding the use of online booking platforms, mobile applications and various forms of artificial intelligence to make booking and managing their business trips convenient. But travel technology providers don’t always have the bandwidth to partner with small and medium enterprise TMCs who are keen to use their products. That’s where Element comes in.