Element and 360° Travel Consultancy

22 Oct 2020 10:00

Element announces technology collaboration with
 360° Travel Consultancy

Latest tie-up will deliver best in class technology solutions with independent consultancy services across the global travel eco system. 

Date 22 October 2020: Element, the provider of cutting-edge travel technology, today announced a collaboration with 360° travel consultancy, which supplies independent consultancy services to the global business travel eco system. 

This latest collaboration will enable Travel Management Companies and Corporates to access the latest cutting-edge technology from Element to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and profitability while using 360° travel consultancy’s experts to review existing operations, policy and program management. 360° travel consultancy will make recommendations for new processes that will focus on increasing efficiencies and cost savings which will enhance the business and lead to a sustainable travel program

Gavin Smith Element said:

“This is the time for everyone to look at how they can improve their current processes and change the way they operate to make them more efficient and profitable when travel opens up. Our reseller partnerships with leading travel tech providers and Accelerate give everyone access to the latest cutting-edge technology, making it easy to select, adopt and maximise the value of tech. By collaborating with 360° travel consultancy we are now able to provide a high level of consultancy expertise for strategies and leadership programmes that focus on improving current processes and offer new approaches that enhance the overall business.”

The 360° travel consultancy team will partner with a multitude of businesses  to inspire and innovate within the travel industry to challenge the status quo and partner with businesses to be successful for the next transition in the global travel eco system. 

Ivan de Lantivy Said:

“We understand the challenges faced by all parties in this industry. We use our expertise to combine the best of old and new business travel processes to implement outstanding, sustainable, forward thinking programs. By combining best in class technology consulting from Element with improved program and strategies from 360° travel consultancy expertise, businesses will be ready to meet the challenges of business travel, increase their profitability and streamline their processes for the future.”

About Element Travel Technology

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, Travel Management Companies can find it hard to keep up with the increasing demands of their client base and prospective new customers.

Element helps Travel Management Companies run better by lowering the barrier of technology adoption. Our expert team are also on hand to offer a variety of review and process improvement services, ensuring organisations can get the very best ROI from their business travel programmes.

To find out more, visit www.elementtech.co.uk, email info@elementtech.co.uk 

About 360 travel consultancy

360° travel consultancy was created in 2020 with a goal to partner with customers in the complex and fast-changing business travel sector. The team at 360° have a passion for the travel industry and we believe can make a difference. We question the status quo, offer independent advice and look at new ways of doing business.

The 360° management team range of experiences across the travel sector brought us together previously in our careers, working for the same company, managing global clients, and merging our skills. During this time, we found we all have the same work ethics and the same positive outlook on life (and sense of humour!).

Our extended global 360° travel team have a wide range of experience and consists of a range of industry professionals who all have the same passion & ethics that drive our industry forward. To find out more, visit www.360travelconsultancy.com , email info@360travelconsultancy.com
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