Element and Atriis partner

13 Jul 2021 07:30

Strategic agreement will deliver multiple technology and content solutions to TMCs and corporates across the globe

Date 13 July 2021 -  Element today announced a strategic partnership with Atriis, the technology company that provides robust business travel inventory and booking tools for TMCs and Corporates. 

This latest partnership will enable Element to provide global innovative solutions developed by Atriis to drive digitalization in the corporate travel space and help Corporates and  TMCs to reinvent the way they engage in today’s rapidly changing distribution landscape. Atriis AI powered technologies enable travelers and agents with a unified access to a wide range of inventory: multi-GDS, multi-NDC, Direct Connect, OTAs, rail, car, parking, lounges, and other value-added services. Corporates and TMCs gain an exclusive access to hidden B2B fares over the Atriis’ integrated Global Marketplace, unlocking new savings tiers.

Gavin Smith, Director of Element, said “Atriis has developed a state-of-the-art, GDS agnostic and NDC enabled global travel operating platform for TMCs and their corporate clients, introducing a next generation concept of a collaborative corporate platform. Technology includes an online booking tool with integrated agent desktop and a mobile apps suite to ensure seamless management across all booking channels by the TMC, travellers and the corporate travel manager. This partnership will enable us to provide any TMC, regardless of its size, with the ability to compete in the digital travel marketplace using Atriis solutions.”

Atriis Technologies enable corporates with its collaborative travel platform to reduce their overall travel spend, combining the efficiency of self-booking with the expertise of easily accessible travel agents. Element will provide full consultation, implementation, and support services for TMCs and corporates across the globe.   

Omri Amsalem, CRO and Co-Founder at Atriis, said “We are delighted to partner with Element. An experienced long-term partner with the technical expertise and infrastructure required to deliver our technology, while providing high level support for users of any size. TMCs will be empowered to cope with the challenges of the business travel landscape alongside increasing their efficacy, offering and profitability, while Corporates will be able to streamline and digitalize their travel program, enhancing their traveler’s experience while tapping on new savings and control opportunities. “ 

About Element

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, Travel Management Companies can find it hard to keep up with the increasing demands of their client base and prospective new customers.

Element helps Travel Management Companies run better by lowering the barrier of technology adoption. Our expert team are also on hand to offer a variety of review and process improvement services, ensuring organisations can get the very best ROI from their business travel programmes.

To find out more, visit www.elementtech.co.uk, email Info@elementtech.co.uk

About Atriis

Atriis enables Corporates and TMCs with an innovative model to cope with industry growing disruption, achieving seamless and agile travel program management capabilities. 

The Atriis next-generation corporate platform, empowers transformation by offering an AI powered collaborative platform, enabling travelers and travel agents unified access to a wide range of fragmented inventory: multi-GDS, multi-NDC, Direct Connect, OTAs, rail, car, parking, lounges, and other value-added services.

The Atriis unique TMC’ integrated Marketplace enables Corporates and TMCs with exclusive access to hidden B2B fare, and multinational Corporates with a Global Shared Services model, connecting local regional champion TMCs to one unique platform.

 To find our more, visit www.atriis.com , email: sales@atriis.com

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