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Element Consulting Practice

Giving you and your business unbiased consulting to support your business digital engineering goals

Consulting that delivers for your business

Business Engineering

Are you a small business owner who is looking to move your business from spread sheets to software that will reduce risk, improve sales and give back time? Then we can help with that.

Travel Agency Projects

Is your Travel Agency (Leisure or Business) looking to move onto a new product stack that will deliver improved profits and delight your clients? Get in touch, we can help with that.

Examples of the work we can do

Client Facing solutions

Traveller happiness is key to client facing technology. What we have now has changed, what’s the future, how do I really know what is out there? That’s where we come in, we can help your business or travel department with your discovery. 

Corporate Booking

What's right for my clients now and in the future? How do I deploy? What is the best practice? What new OBT's and platforms are out there? We are always in touch with the market to get a good understanding of what is out there.

Zoho Products

What will really work for my business? There are so many new products in the market. I need help and guidance to make the right choice. We make it our business to talk to new players, get in touch with us today for guidance.


Do you need help with training your team on how to use your technology? Or end-user training? Helping you get the most out of your investment. Your staff  will love you tech, after we have shown them the benefits. Virtual, in person or hybrid, we can supply.

Operational Tech

From that meeting request to arriving back home, we have experience of the full booking, payment and travelling process. This helps us understand where improvements or changes can be made within you IT Infrastructure.

Evaluation of Systems
We can help evaluate your current IT or client facing tech and software. Where can improvements be made?
Helping you understand the three main impacts to your set up, will ensure you get delighted customers and staff.

​Plans need a health check?

Our independent consulting practice works with you to look at what you have, what you need and where to get it from. Already got a plan and looking for an independent eye to look over it? We can help there. Either way we can get your travel technology back on track.

Find out more
Got the tech, now you need to respond to a RFP? Our relationship with Inkwell Bid Consultancy, can help. 
Increase your RFP win probability instantly by showcasing the value of your travel and expense technology. Inkwell specialises in winning business travel proposals and has partnered with us to help our clients articulate the value of technology within competitive sales pursuits.
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