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    We understand what tech will truly work best for your business. Whether it is online booking systems, mid-to-back-office software or a simple chatbot, our partnerships with leading travel-tech providers give you access to new, cutting-edge technology. 
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Need independent consultant support? Our collaboration with
360° Travel Consultancy can help your business.

Our tie-up with 360 Travel Consultancy will enable Travel Management Companies and Corporates to access the latest cutting-edge technology from Element to streamline their operations, improve efficiency and profitability while using 360° travel consultancy’s experts to review existing operations, policy and program management. 360° travel consultancy will make recommendations for new processes that will focus on increasing efficiencies and cost savings which will enhance the business and lead to a sustainable travel program

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Got the tech, now you need to respond to a RFP?
​Our relationship with Inkwell Bid Consultancy, can help. 

Increase your RFP win probability instantly by showcasing the value of your travel and expense technology. Inkwell specialises in winning business travel proposals and has partnered with us to help our clients articulate the value of technology within competitive sales pursuits.

Together with your senior stakeholders, Inkwell can position your travel and expense technology as a key differentiator, build your win strategy or even take ownership of the whole process for you, from writing to project management and even creating your stand out best and final presentation.
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Why use our Consulting Services?


What's right for my client base?  How do I deploy? What is best practice?

New Products?

What will really work for my business? There are so many new operational and client facing products I need help and guidance to make the right choice!

Sales Enablement

Need help with training your team on how to sell using your technology?

Technology Check-up

You’ve already spent money on tech but it’s not working well? Poor Return on Investment? Talk to us, we can help maximise the benefit of your existing technology.

Operational Tech

Our consultants have excellent knowledge of TMC Operations from offer request to the traveller returning home.

Client Facing Tech

We ensure you give your clients the best traveller experience.

Plans need a health check?

Got a technology plan, but it’s a couple of years old?  We can give the plan a health check and get you back on track. Try our independent consulting services, we are not tied to the tech we sell. 

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Want to start a new project with us?

email us: info@elementtech.co.uk or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll contact you

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