• Simplifying 
      your digital transformation

      Make your business grow with innnovation that flows from a business that helps yours run better with technology

    Simplifying your digital transformation


    ​Who is Element?

    Element supports digital transformation in smaller service businesses by streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and expanding your reach. Automation of manual processes through digital tools reduces administrative burdens, allowing your businesses to allocate resources more strategically. Online platforms enable you to connect with a broader customer base, fostering growth beyond local boundaries. Cloud-based solutions facilitate remote work, promoting flexibility and improving collaboration among your team members.

    Element helps smaller businesses who are embracing digital transformation. Element equips smaller service businesses with the tools needed to compete in the modern marketplace, fostering agility, innovation, and sustainable growth. This is achieved for you by delivery of business tools via our Zoho Authorised Partner relationship and our Travel Industry Partners like Zenmer and Libro

    Zoho CRM, Finance, Analytics and People

    We just focus on Zoho Finance (Expense and Books), Analytics & DataPrep and Zoho CRM. As these are the tools that really help deliver growth for micro and SME businesses

    Zoho Expense is our feature product-  Over 5+ years, Zoho Expense has helped tens of thousands of businesses streamline corporate travel, automate expense reporting, gain complete control over spending, and get crucial financial insights to stay two steps ahead.

    Zenmer, Business Travel Platform

    Forget GDS & PNR dependencies and welcome to the new  proprietary, standardized and scalable BMS (Booking management system) built and developed for the ever changing needs of business travel management.

    Business travel management software for modern business travel.

    What our clients say

    'In summary, Gavin is a true professional who excels in his field. His knowledge, problem-solving skills, flexibility, responsiveness, and commitment to empowering his clients set him apart. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to guide me through the intricacies of Zoho Expense. I highly recommend Gavin to anyone seeking assistance in this area; you won't be disappointed!'

    100% Independent

    Whether it is booking or expense software, mid-to-back-office solutions or a simple chat-bot, our relationships with leading travel-tech providers give us the edge that helps your business succeed.            


    We work with many TMCs, Corporates and Software companies. 

    Let us help you get ahead of your peer group by helping your business do better with your technology investment.

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    We take the pain, you see the gain

    Move all or just part of your travel technology support to us.  

    - Business software we support: Zoho Books, Expense, Analytics and CRM.

    - Travel software we support:

    OBT's, Back and Mid-office, GDS

    Stay ahead of the competition

    As dedicated specialists we ensure that your tech solutions stay up to date, so your business stays a step ahead of the competition

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    Our Mission and vision

    Our purpose is simple, - to enable small and medium-sized  businesses to access better technology; to improve business processes, to be more efficient, to deliver better customer service and the bottom line, to become more profitable. 

    We are service industry and tech experts.  That enables us to truly ‘get tech together' with our clients

    We help businesses remain competitive by understanding and unleashing the power of tech. We are focused, collaborative and results oriented, from our first conversation to begin the process of listening to your unique needs, right through to tech implementation and beyond as we work together to grow your business

    What we do

    'They also provided valuable resources for me to learn the backend of Zoho Expense. His willingness to empower me with knowledge was a significant benefit of our collaboration.'

    How we help

    You should get Gavin Smith involved in these. 

    He offers real solutions to small business that are modernising not just the cardboard cutout TMC systems :-)

    Want to start a new project with us?

    email us: info@elementtech.co.uk or go to our Contact page for other ways to get in touch

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