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The ONLY real VAR in Travel

Element is a Value Added Reseller (VAR). This means that we are the ONLY independent business to sell travel technology, software and services to travel agencies, where you don't contract with the primary supplier.

We do deals with the worlds leading corporate travel software companies to ensure your business is able to work better with technology and software.

No one else can supply an authorised and certified team to your business from day one.

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What we do at Element

We not only sell software and technology, but the support to deliver your investment to your clients. The ONLY real VAR in managed travel

We help TMCs remain competitive by understanding and unleashing the power of tech. We are focused, collaborative and results oriented, from our first conversation to begin the process of listening to your TMC’s unique needs, right through to tech implementation and beyond as we work together to grow your business.

Our partnerships with leading travel-tech providers give you access to new, cutting-edge technology plus certified support – now

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Reseller of Managed Travel software

We give you a choice, without the investment in mastering more than one tool. Be like the 'big boys' and you too can provide the tech that will win that new client.

Out sourced support for your tech

One thing that our clients understand when they take us on for our support package, is that they are getting certified experience from day one. This gives them, 100% confidence that they can provide what their clients are looking for.

Why it all makes sense.

  • Element is AUTHORISED and CERTIFIED by our partners
  • When you are working with Element, you are investing in a partner who cares as much about your business as you do.
  • We are authorised and certified by our partners. This means that from day one, your business and clients are getting experience that has taken years for us to gain. 
  • There is no 'experience lag' when taking us on to manage your technology. From the first day we start working with Element, you can assure your clients and prospects, that they are in good hands. 
  • Knowing that you have Element as your partner, you can confidently answer that RFP knowing you will be able to deliver on all requirements, immediately you win that business.
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