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Zenmer, Travel Management

Modern Cloud and API based software to run your Business Travel Agency

​What makes Zenmer different?

Move from being PNR dependent to being a technology first business

Zenmer, at a glance

Modular in Design

Developed with TMC operations in mind, use what works for you

  • Travel Radar, for off-line bookings
  • Agent Booker, used for agents to book all off-line bookings includes the policy of the client
  • CBT, for your clients to self serve. Desktop and Mobile available

Search, Book, Invoice

All parts of the TMC and Traveller booking process covered

  • TMCs, Implants and Travellers
  • Consumer grade experience
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Intuitive UI and UX on both web and mobile app

Manage Clients

Developed to include Client Policy and Process to improve the traveller experience

  • Approval and Policy Management
  • Department, Brand, Cost Center, Country + assignment
  • TMC Accounting and back office integration available

What does this all mean?

Zenmer is an open SaaS platform that does not make revenue from your suppliers, we supply the an open platform that allows you to use your GDS of choice, NDC provider, Hotel API, Car, Ground or any other supplier your choose. 

Remove cost and improve margins using the latest software that is built to serve the needs of today's travellers.

Here are some of the key features

  • Totally supplier agnostic now, no need to create a PNR, use the channels you want and create a data trip container
  • Offer, Order and Manage to cancellation all bookings via the platform ( for you and your clients)
  • AI reads emails and creates 3 travel options, within policy, that are emailed back to the traveller
  • App push notifications based on search booking behaviour. Remind a traveller to book a hotel, for example
  • Real time location tracking, using locations services on mobile app
  • In app support agent, allow travellers to communicate with your team in real time

​The Corporate SaaS Business Travel Platform

A business corporate travel management SaaS platform that runs your business, 

including mid/back office, accounting, MI and so much more.

An offer, order and management platform with full policy compliance, control and transparency. 

Manage all bookings to cancellation on the platform.

Zenmer Book all travel in one place

Travel Radar, 
​from Zenmer

A company travel process policy 
With real time Client Process, Travel Policy,  Geopolitical and health information
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Travel Radar is a permission-based application that enables TMCs to configure and manage their client’s policies and ensure that the travel consultant can access the correct information and booking capability . From £550 per month on subscription, with 30 days cancellation

Travel Radar will help your agency;
​- Reduce handling times by 50%
​- Stop inbound question calls by supplying Travel Radar to your clients
​- Help new starters to easily learn about their clients

- Shows your agents, on a single page, all the information they need to service off-line bookings
- Single source of destination info and restrictions, to give your agents confidence when helping your clients
- Reduce the increase in risk to your business and your clients by using Travel Radar
- Configured for client policy & process including preferred suppliers

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