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At Element we are a curious bunch who are passionate about Business, Expense and Travel Software. We are habitual knowledge seekers who love finding out about how things work. If you want to know about a new supplier, there is a good chance we have chatted to them over the last few years.

Give us a go, no one has been fired (yet) for hiring us to help deliver on their companies goals.

Our Reseller Services

After listening to the market, friends and colleagues, we have made the decision to focus on Business, Expense and Travel software from a smaller selection of partners

Element is now a reseller of only 2 software companies

Zoho - the largest software company you have never heard of. 80 million users, 13000 staff, build in India sold globally
Zoho Finance - with a focus on Zoho Expense
Zoho Analytics - BI and ETL software
Zoho People - A suite of HR/HCM tools

Zenmer - a small software company based in India, who have build an amazing Business Travel SaaS platform for TMCs and their clients.
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