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Are you an SME owner struggling to manage your B2B operations effectively?  You're not alone.  Juggling multiple tasks, keeping track of leads, and ensuring seamless communication can be a challenge.

This is where Zoho comes in. Zoho is a powerful suite of integrated business applications designed to empower SMEs like yours.  From CRM and project management to finance and marketing, Zoho has everything you need to streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple yet profound—to be the trusted partner that propels your business forward. We strive to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that your organization faces and craft tailored solutions that not only address immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for sustained growth.


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Who is behind Element?

We specialize in providing Travel, Expense, and Business Software solutions to both businesses and their clients, offering a variety of flexible combinations to meet your specific needs. Even if you already have the software you require and simply need our expertise, we're here to help.


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Element runs on Zoho

Element has been a Zoho customer for years, even before we became a partner.  We struggled with cost, integration of products with a focus on client data privacy and security until we discovered the Zoho Business Platform. It transformed our business by giving us back at least 5 days a month of not having to worry about our tech or products. That's why we became a Zoho partner - to help smaller businesses achieve similar results.

We run on Zoho One ourselves, so we understand the challenges and questions you have. We live and breathe Zoho every day, for our own business and for our clients. Let Element help your business achieve similar success. Contact us today for a free consultation!"

Our Reseller Services

Zoho - the largest software company you have never heard of. 100 million users, 15000 staff, build in India sold globally
  • Zoho Books and Expense - Accounting and Expense Software
  • Zoho Analytics and DataPrep - BI and ETL software
  • Zoho CRM - The full CRM for your Business
  • Bigin from Zoho CRM -The best little CRM out there
Zenmer - a small software company based in India, who have build an amazing Business Travel platform for TMCs and their clients.

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