element launches 'accelerate'

10 Mar 2020 09:00 Comment(s) By Gavin Smith

accelerate. , professional services for SAP Concur Travel TMCs

10 March 2020: 

element. Travel Technology today announced ‘accelerate.’, 

professional services delivered for SAP Concur Travel partner TMCs and their clients.


element. will provide TMCs and their clients with optimisation, advisory and support services now and in the future, helping the TMC to focus on their core business and keep an edge in the market.


Gavin Smith, Director element. said

 “Having worked with many TMCs globally, we experienced their challenges around solving operational issues within their business. Over time, process changes and the introduction of innovative technology will have a knock-on effect on how SAP Concur Travel works in the operational environment of the agency. Our aim is to future proof agencies and their clients by keeping them fully up to date and conversant with the latest Concur technology.”


element. can supply refresher training on Concur travel and the TMC set up, enabling TMC to get the most from Concur technology and better support their SAP Concur direct clients.


Concur travel resellers

For TMCs that have recently joined the Concur reseller programme, element., through the accelerate services, can supply implementation training, configuration, and system support. This will ensure that the tools and the TMC teams are fully enabled and confident to work with the Concur solutions and offer the best possible service to their clients.


Gavin added:

 “Our expert team understand the challenges TMCs face and because of this experience, we felt now is the right time for element to provide ‘accelerate. to TMCs around the world.”



In an ever-evolving technological landscape, Travel Management Companies can find it hard to keep up with the increasing demands of their client base and prospective new customers.

Element helps Travel Management Companies run better by lowering the barrier of technology adoption. Our expert team are also on hand to offer a variety of review and process improvement services, ensuring organisations can get the absolute best ROI from their business travel programmes.

To find out more, visit www.elementtech.co.uk, email enquiries@elementtech.co.uk



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