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25 Jun 2020 09:05 Comment(s) By Gavin Smith

New Professional Services for Businesses

Element travel technology announces new professional services designed to help travel managers and their corporate online booking programmes.

25 June 2020: Element, the value-added reseller and professional services provider, has announced a new service designed for corporate travel departments - Accelerate for Businesses.

Following the successful launch of Accelerate for TMCs, element’s primary solution enabling TMCs to outsource their booking tool delivery and support, element has extended the service to Corporates looking for a similar solution for themselves.

Accelerate for Business can support any size on-line travel programme by removing the bottleneck created by managing suppliers and policy. Element works with a TMC or tech supplier to optimise their corporate booking tool (CBT). 

The service includes:   
  • Policy management and approval to travel workflows.
  • Hotel program, car, and airline supplier deal maintenance.
  • CBT administration support.
  • Partner with the TMC to deliver on corporate requirements.

“The overwhelming success of Accelerate for TMCs, launched earlier this year, has resulted in a growing demand from Corporates who are looking for a similar solution." said Gavin Smith, Director at Element. 

He added

“This got us thinking about how the current situation is affecting travel departments and their ability to move new policy and process from paper to configuration in their CBT. Travel departments need to be focusing on what their programme will look like now and in the future. They should not have to stress about managing their tech.

We are looking forward to supplying an affordable and valuable service to businesses looking for support alternatives. Our relationships with our technology partners and TMCs will give our clients the choice they have been looking for. We see this as the natural evolution of our Accelerate product.”

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