Stuck on how to supply BI and Analytics to your clients?

    05 Sep 2022 15:27

     Getting BI and Analytics to your clients is easier than ever

    We are always on the look out for software that helps businesses run better. Our newest offering from Zoho Analytics is exactly that. 

    Many BI tools are expensive to set up and manage, and do not have a low-code/no-code integration option to integrate with any tech stack. They are rigid and difficult to deploy and on top of that you need someone who knows SQL. Those days are over. 

    Business intelligence software has changed and now anyone who wants to use real time information to help run and improve their business, can.

    BI and Analytics is the second biggest weakness of a TMC, according to a Business Travel News Article on research done by GBTA and FCM. You can remove this issue by offering your clients a BI tool that is open, can connect with all data sources, be that travel, expense or business related like Human Resources, Sales targets etc. 

    Data consolidation and quality are what we hear you have said are your biggest problems. DataPrep from Zoho, can solve that for you too. A data preparation tool that helps connect, explore, transform, and enrich data for analytics, machine learning, migration, and data warehousing. 

    You can use for DataPrep to combine TMC and Expense Data, plus many more sources of data. 

    The best way to see Zoho Analytics is to use it for your business, and it starts at £24 a month for two users, If you agree to a referral plan, we will provide free deployment for your business and a healthy commission plan via a co-sell / referral deal.

    Here are some examples of what we can produce for your business and your clients.

    Corporate Dashboards

    Traveller Well-being Dashboard

    Expense Dashboard

    Travel Dashboard

    Looking to get this into your business and for your clients, then get in touch today for a no obligation chat.

    Gavin Smith