Chat with Travel Start-ups

25 Mar 2022 12:30 By Gavin Smith

Food For Thought

🙋Get up to speed with travel start-ups, i keep hearing and seeing this line

🤷Reality. Start-up 'hey lets have a chat about what we are up to' ,' nah it's ok.. i am too busy to hear about anything new or different'

❓GDS/OBT/Other existing provider - 'hey can i come say hello and bring cakes, and tell you about our 'thing' you know about already?' 'Of course you can, how about next week?'

🧩Why don't i know about this software or start-up, as my client knows about them?

👋If you can't make time to learn, how can you plan for the future?

✔️So please do take time out to have a chat with start-ups.

We know you may not be ready to buy today, but if you don't know about us, how do you know if we will work for your business and clients?

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Gavin Smith