TMC Digital Transformation with Element

11 May 2020 17:12 Comment(s) By Gavin Smith

Element is the key business partner your TMC needs

OK, so hopefully the crisis management phase has passed for your TMC business and you are now figuring out what to do and seeking guidance? Now is really not the time to be thinking about your nice to haves. You should be looking at your technology stack. Not your IT infrastructure, you got that sorted, as you were forced to make the change and investment.


Now is the time to make the changes you have been meaning to do. Investing in your operational and client facing technology stack. I am sure you have a good idea of what you are looking for. You understand how technology will help your business to thrive in the future. You had no control of the factors that forced you to invest in your IT infrastructure and move your business from on-premises to virtual. Though you had the outside support you needed. 


As you are now looking at what is next for your business and you have more control over how and when you do the work. You are again looking for that support. Except there are not that many businesses around who can deploy and manage that technology that you want. Alternatively, there is something you want but the provider is not able to provide it for you. Or non of the above.. You are not sure where to start.


This is where Element comes in to play. We are the only service business focused on helping small and medium-sized TMCs run better on technology. With over 20+ years of experience working across the Corporate Travel sector, we understand how your business runs, what works and what does not. We can sell you technology that will help your business or you can hand over the support of the technology to us. 


Having a chat with us will help you understand how we can solve some of your technology problems.

    • ability and expertise

    • speed to market

    • investing in staff

    • continuous improvement


At Element we understand the commercial reality of a TMC in the recent past and what it could look like in the future. This has made us focus on the specific aspects, a small to medium-sized TMC is looking for in a key business partner like Element. We are flexible in how we can support your business. We do not tie you into long term contracts. If we cannot or do not add value through our activities, we do not seek compensation for them. 


We understand that there are many unknowns now and there are few answers for what the future will look like. Evolving with you to support your business without capital expenditure is a key goal of ours. Using Element to provide your business with our technology and services or a combination of either, should always be an operational expense. 


Whether you have your plans for your tech stack and only need service help or are just starting to think about what your business could invest in, Element is the business partner you want to be talking to. Get in touch today - 

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