Hotel booking using a 3rd party card

11 Mar 2022 12:30 By Gavin Smith

Food For Thought

🙋Did you know that hotel's still require a 3rd Party Authorisation form when a room is booked using a 3rd party central bill payment card

❓Seriously.. Merchant's, Acquirers, Mastercard/Visa/Amex et al - you can't come up with a solution via technology?

🤷 While some will say accepting this form via email is better than when the hotel was only able to accept it via fax machine (now we know who keeps fax machines in business) Is it really better?

🧩So much talk about NDC, Airline retailing, personalisation, AI / ML etc.. and yet we cannot fully automate and ensure acceptance and payment for a hotel room, using a 3rd party centrally paid form of payment.

🚀Lets hope with all those great start-ups out there, they have got a plan to make fax machines redundant in Business Travel

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What do you think?

Gavin Smith