Planning for wake and growth

15 Apr 2020 10:18 Comment(s) By Gavin Smith

Making Tech your best business partner

All companies have moved through the 'respond and freeze' phase of the current crisis. Your business is now in a form of hibernation. TMCs should be planning for a wake and growth phase. It will not be a linear process. Timescales are uncertain with many unknowns. Spend this time on what you know and can control. 


Using this phase of the crisis to research, plan and implement will be critical to how your business will restart. Many business owners will be looking at one key pillar, technology. Being able to use this time to consider your 'relationship' with technology is critical. 


Tech is the key business partner. One who has to deliver on the agreed goals of the management. This partner will be playing a greater part in your business moving from 'hibernation' to 'wake and growth', than any other. It is a long term partner who will drive efficiency, reduce fixed costs and be the best friend of your staff. 


Technology deployment, if done properly, will deliver an increase in capacity across your whole business. The benefit will last long after the crisis has passed. The debit to that credit, is the support and maintenance of the technology. 


Introducing tech will mean changes to the way your business operates. That can be a daunting prospect. Not all TMCs have the expertise and ability to support the technology. There are resellers of travel technology and service providers out in the market who can solve this.


A Reseller and Service Provider solves many problems for TMCs. Seek them out and have a chat with them. They do relieve the pressure of having staff supporting technology in the early stages of your move to a technology lead TMC.


Corporate travel is here to stay. How your business makes friends with technology will determine your future. Make tech your business partner of choice. Your business will wake and grow from a better position, than if you did not.

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