Keep your Supplier Revenue

    29 Jun 2022 13:54

    Keep your Supplier revenue when  move your TMC to an Agency Business Management Platform

    When you think about the future of corporate travel, the one thing that you keep coming back to is.. How do I keep my supplier revenue that I generate from the GDS?


    Guess what, here is the answer to your question. Zenmer, a complete Corporate Business Travel Management Platform. One that allows you to choose your supplier connections and use the GDS of your choice, but without your staff having to learn GDS queries.


    The future of corporate travel is how you use your awesome people to deliver on your business and client process using the best technology around. You cannot achieve this when your business process and infrastructure is built around adding all trip elements to a PNR and all that goes with that.


    Put in place a modern cloud based infrastructure that gives your business, staff and critically your clients a single source of truth. If your clients have a preference on the software they use to book, no worries we can get that data into your Agency system very simply.


    Software has come a long way, recent platforms like Zenmer, have taken the past, incorporated it but made it so much easier and simpler to implement, configure and support. Imagine a world where your IT team are looking after your Agency booking software?


    Zenmer Corporate Business Travel Platform removes the need for tools from multiple suppliers that all add cost to your business. With one platform in place, your business becomes simpler to run, as the platform can replace your mid and back office tools, no need for scripting or automation.


    Imagine that you can supply your clients and business with a tool that removes the need for level 1 profiles, shared docs etc? Where a traveller or a TC enters an O&D to start, it then tells them if they can go to the destination, what the process is, travel policy and then they can go on an book? It can incorporate Safety information, Geo-Political and Health status, all the while reducing calls in and giving your staff more time back?


    Your Finance, Sales and Account Management teams will benefit as they will all have access to the same data. You can then put in place some really cool software to improve your clients' pre, during and post trip experience. Imagine being able to see the cost of acquisition of a client and cost of keeping them? You can do this when you use modern CRM and Accounting software that brings it all together in a single view


    Zenmer is a 4-year-old Agency Business Management Platform that was built with agency operations in mind and agnostic to your supplier channels. Offer, order and manage all parts of your clients' trip using a modern SaaS based interface. Zenmer have multiple TMC clients in India and APAC. Element is helping them spread their wings into EMEA with a unique resell and support partnership with them.


    Nikunj and I would love to give you a run through and answer the questions we know you have about how you can future proof your business.

    Gavin Smith