Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a key role as the travel industry begins to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, according to Element, the value-added reseller that helps travel management companies (TMCs) to choose the best technology option for them. Our director Gavin Smith explains why.


22 Jun 2020 13:37 - Comment(s)
Things to be thinking about and preparing for travel to come back for your TMC
26 May 2020 14:00 - Comment(s)

OK, so hopefully the crisis management phase has passed for your TMC business and you are now figuring out what to do and seeking guidance? Now is really not the time to be thinking about your nice to haves. You should be looking at your technology stack. Not your IT infrastructure, you got that sor...

11 May 2020 17:12 - Comment(s)
why element started, what is a value added reseller. our promise to our clients
30 Apr 2020 08:35 - Comment(s)
Making tech your best business partner
15 Apr 2020 10:18 - Comment(s)
I was thinking about how technology has and continues to change how businesses go about 'their business'. I thought I would have a look at the Buying Business Travel Top 50 TMCs issue and see what our industry is saying about technology and what they are doing.

What struck me when I looked throu...
18 Nov 2019 17:24 - Comment(s)

Historically technology/software providers in the corporate travel space have focused predominantly on the Enterprise size TMC.


These TMCs were driven to invest in technology as their customer base of large national and multinational customers was demanding it. The providers invested alongside t...

04 Nov 2019 16:42 - Comment(s)

Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, Workplace by Facebook have changed the way employees communicate within organisations. TMCs booking and support services need to be aligned to the changes in the workplace. Forcing travellers to make contact via email or phone only is outdated.

Travellers want to con...

04 Nov 2019 16:17 - Comment(s)