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Business Travel Insights for Everyone

21 May 2024 11:57 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
Business Travel Insights for Everyone: Unveiling Savings with Zoho Analytics (Even if You're Not a Data Whiz)

Does your company spend a significant amount on business travel? Wondering if there's a way to optimize those expenses without needing a PhD in data analysis? Look no further than Zoho Analyt...

Why Bigin Makes Managing Customers a Breeze

14 May 2024 11:53 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
Spreadsheets. They've been our workhorse for years, but when it comes to customer relationships, they can feel like a tangled mess. Ever spent hours hunting for a specific contact or copying data between endless sheets

 How BI Tools Became Business Essentials 

09 May 2024 12:30 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

Imagine trying to run a business based on blurry pictures. That's what it was like for many companies before Business Intelligence (BI) tools came along. These tools helped unlock the hidden insights buried within mountains of data, but there was a catch: you needed a translator, someone who spoke &...

Why Your CRM Owner is Key to Business Success

17 Apr 2024 11:53 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are powerful tools for businesses of all sizes. They streamline communication, enhance sales pipelines, and improve customer service – all contributing to a company's overall success. However, simply implementing a CRM isn't enough. To truly unlock its ...

How Technology Can Streamline Your Business

10 Apr 2024 11:49 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

As businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, digital transformation projects take center stage. These undertakings aim to integrate cutting-edge technologies into an organization's core operations, fundamentally altering how value is delivered. However, embarking on this journey can b...

 Embracing Business Management Software for Sustainable Growth

27 Mar 2024 11:36 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

For decades, spreadsheets have served as the workhorses of countless small businesses. Their affordability and user-friendliness made them a seemingly perfect solution for managing finances, inventory, and customer data. However, in today's dynamic business landscape, spreadsheets often represent a ...

Why Resellers are the Unsung Heroes of Digital Transformation

20 Mar 2024 13:29 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
In today's digital age, businesses of all sizes are recognizing the importance of digital transformation.  This broad term encompasses the integration of digital technologies into all aspects of an organization, fundamentally changing how it operates and delivers value. However, navigating the ...

Unified Business Analytics: Part 2

30 Aug 2023 12:36 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
Unified Business Analytics: Part 2
As the importance of analytics continues to grow, companies that embrace this transformative tool and integrate it across all aspects of their operations will undoubtedly thrive in the data-driven era and position themselves for sustained success.