Element travel technology announces new professional services designed to help travel managers and their corporate online booking programmes.

25 June 2020: Element, the value-added reseller and professional services provider, has announced a new service designed for corporate travel departments - Acc...
25 Jun 2020 09:05 - Comment(s)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a key role as the travel industry begins to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, according to Element, the value-added reseller that helps travel management companies (TMCs) to choose the best technology option for them. Our director Gavin Smith explains why.


22 Jun 2020 13:37 - Comment(s)

OK, so hopefully the crisis management phase has passed for your TMC business and you are now figuring out what to do and seeking guidance? Now is really not the time to be thinking about your nice to haves. You should be looking at your technology stack. Not your IT infrastructure, you got that sor...

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why element started, what is a value added reseller. our promise to our clients
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Element signs a partnership with Zenmer for their latest corporate booking tool. Element adds a CBT to their technology offering
28 Apr 2020 08:45 - Comment(s)
Making tech your best business partner
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