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Business Travel Insights for Everyone

21 May 2024 11:57 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
Business Travel Insights for Everyone: Unveiling Savings with Zoho Analytics (Even if You're Not a Data Whiz)

Does your company spend a significant amount on business travel? Wondering if there's a way to optimize those expenses without needing a PhD in data analysis? Look no further than Zoho Analyt...

Why Bigin Makes Managing Customers a Breeze

14 May 2024 11:53 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)
Spreadsheets. They've been our workhorse for years, but when it comes to customer relationships, they can feel like a tangled mess. Ever spent hours hunting for a specific contact or copying data between endless sheets

Why Your CRM Owner is Key to Business Success

17 Apr 2024 11:53 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are powerful tools for businesses of all sizes. They streamline communication, enhance sales pipelines, and improve customer service – all contributing to a company's overall success. However, simply implementing a CRM isn't enough. To truly unlock its ...

How Technology Can Streamline Your Business

10 Apr 2024 11:49 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

As businesses navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, digital transformation projects take center stage. These undertakings aim to integrate cutting-edge technologies into an organization's core operations, fundamentally altering how value is delivered. However, embarking on this journey can b...

 Reimagining Workflows for a Technology-Driven Future

03 Apr 2024 11:45 By Gavin Smith - Comment(s)

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, technology offers a powerful catalyst for transformation. However, simply replicating paper-based processes on a digital platform, a phenomenon known as "digital mimicry," fails to harness the true potential of these advancements. This approa...